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Logan Winter

Logan Winter

Bio: Hello, I am Logan Winter. I joined the modified wrestling team last year at my middle school of 7 Bridges, and I took my experience from 8th grade now into my first year of high school at Horus Greeley. Apart from the team, I enjoy spending time with my siblings, working out, and hanging out with friends, and practicing my instrument. Between me being 7 years older than my little brother and my older sister being busy preparing to go to college, I am the automatic babysitter when my parents leave the house. These experiences have made me a well trained and qualified babysitter. Furthermore as a grade A and one of the most consistent tutors at CASA (a branch of the neighbors link charity foundation which has local American students teach Hispanic immigrants how to speak English), I am a great tutor for any student in need. Over this summer I am planning to work as a day camp as a camp counselor to even further evolve my skills on working with kids. I am looking forward to working with you!

Grade: Freshman

Skills: Tutor in math, English and science | Babysitting

Contact me at: 914-733-9030 |

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